Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thoughts on "Core Sleep"


I don't buy the "core sleep" thing. I'm not sure where that idea came from--it wasn't part of Uberman, or the sleep experiments Stampi did in his book on napping--but a lot of people seem to have adopted it as the "weiner road" to polyphasic sleeping. For those who don't know, "core sleep" is a way of saying "I'm not doing Uberman; rather I'm sleeping less at night"--three to six hours--"And taking naps during the day to compensate."

I say again, "Meh."

I called it "Uberman" for a reason, yo. It's not easy to get used to. It takes a month to really get into the swing of it, as others have proven; and that's an uncomfortable month. If the benefits to you aren't worth that discomfort, just don't do it!

I've yet to see a "core sleep" routine really work, either. The closest I guess would be Andrew over at the long-dead Polyphasic blog; he got to 100 days on it, but from what I gather many of those days were sloppy, and I don't get the impression he really achieved that unstoppable-freight-train life I loved so much about it.

Meh. Give me Uberman or just give me eight blissful painless hours of unconsciousness, thank you.

In fact, scratch that--just give me Uberman!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


This guy is on 3 hours core + 3 naps and seems to be doing fine:
Applying core sleep may be not so good as pure Uberman, but a welcome second best for the rest of us with rigid work schedules.
Enjoying your blog!

22 June, 2006 02:54  

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