Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pre-Uberman Health Report

I've been asked if I'm going to get regular Doctor checkups before, during, and after this experiment. The answer is "no". Fifty percent "no" because I think most doctors are quacks that make people sicker than not, and the other 50% because I'm one of proud America's bazillions of uninsured, so I can't even remotely afford the visits.

However, the question of physical health is a valid one, and I already addressed mental health pretty well, so let's hit it. I'm not shy. ;)

Actually, no, I'm just in pretty darn good health, so I don't have much to report. Here it is, though.


I'm lucky enough to have the Iron Curtain for an immune system (my mom's been an Emergency Room nurse for most of my life), and no notable allergies or chronic conditions. I got migraines for a few years (like my dad), and like my dad I basically outgrew them; I have occasional sinus headaches the last couple years (because, I don't care what anybody says, the weather has been *screwed up* the last couple years), but that's about it. I have the neck and upper-back pains you'd expect in a computer junkie; when I can afford it, I see an Activator-method chiropractor and they make it aaaaaallll better.

My sleeping lately has been normal, for me. I sleep a solid 8 hours and am sleepy most of the day, and exhausted by bedtime. I wake up groggy, grouchy and sore. During the day, I usually feel at least a little bit foggy or cranky, and I wish many times a day that I could just go to bed. I should mention that I was a hypersomniac due to depression in my teenage years -- I got into the habit of coming home from school and going straight to bed, and it took a while to train myself off of needing 12-14 hours a night minimum. I was also happiest being a "night owl" -- like many people, given my choice, I'll stay up until 2-4 a.m. and sleep until 11-12. To this day, I still automatically do that if my schedule lets me (but it rarely does).

And to reiterate, I'm an omnivore, I drink coffee sometimes, I have the typical Middle American Sugar Addiction to fight with, but I'm not overweight and I do exercise in the morning 6 days a week (because I live in Michigan and you get sick of looking at fat around here. ;)

Might any of that have any impact on this experiment? I suppose it might. But it's here mostly for record-keeping purposes. Sorry I'm not more interesting today; work has been crazy and it's kind of a crappy day. I did get more of my "HOLY SHIT KEEP BUSY" list bashed out, though.



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