Monday, July 03, 2006

4-More-Days Countdown

Two things today:

1. I woke up HORRIFICALLY groggy and sore this morning, even though I slept a perfectly modest 7.5 hours. I've been having sinus headaches, too, the last couple days -- not sure what that's about, but obviously I need to get off my butt and go get a neti pot. That aside, though, I went to bed last night thoroughly intimidated about pulling off this schedule in my circumstances, and woke up angry that I have to wait a few more days! I mean, crap, I feel just as badly now as I'm going to feel at 4 a.m. on night two anyway, so why not be getting something out of it>

2. What have I done about my robust coffee addiction, I hear people ask? Well, I switched to half-caff last month, and bought decaf to drink whenever it wasn't morning (usually I just drink coffee whenever I want; it rarely impacts my sleeping that I notice). Starting Friday I'll switch to just decaf, with the exception of one cup of half-caff every morning to take with me on the commute to work. (That's just, like, *tradition*.) I won't use coffee to stay awake, but I won't absolutely ban caffeine from my diet either -- I want to see what effect it has, so I'll record any caffeine I have and look for effects in my sleep. I bet I find that I can't have much, and that it has to be close to the end of one nap and not the beginning of another...but we'll see.



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