Friday, June 16, 2006

All the prep you'd have to do is done

Holy crap, what a week. School is on and my books were supposed to be here Monday, but neither of them is stupid ex just got me nailed with a $400 bill...stuff like that. You know, a "week". Grrruurgh.

But enough of that -- I have a few minutes between meetings & I will update this blog, darnit. I found my oo-ugly timer (it had, in fact, bailed in the car). Pics this weekend, in case you don't believe me that someone could actually make a hideously ugly kitchen timer. They can. I didn't pay extra for the ugly, either. *shrug*

I got the hookup with the Cognitive Web project -- they have seven really good mental acuity tests online for the taking, but only once a month. So I will take (the rest of) them over the next week--the Pre-Uberman run--and then take them all again post-Uberman and see how much smarter I've gotten. ;) Seriously, though, I need to get to work on putting more tests together. It's so darn hard to find the time for it on my current schedule...but it's got to get done, and once I actually *start*, things will get much easier (after, of course, they get much harder).

Suggestions for types of test are welcome. I have quite the handful already, but I need more. Having too many to actually do is better than not having enough.

I've made a couple other little preparations -- tracking down all-night restaurants, putting a blanket & pillow in my car just in case -- but really, for the experiment itself, I'm pretty much as ready as one needs to be. There are a couple more things I could add to my to-do list, but why not wait until I have the time, heh? In short, preparing for the information-gathering and stuff that needs to happen to make this a real, useful research project is far harder than actually preparing for Uberman is. So don't let me scare you off.



Blogger nimatar said...

Maybe you can try to measure your typespeed, as that won't increase much anymore, there are programs that can test you type speed.

18 June, 2006 04:16  
Blogger nimatar said...

You can try to measure your typing speed, as that won't increase much anymore, there are programs to do that...

18 June, 2006 04:17  
Blogger PureDoxyk said...

That's a great idea -- And I just found a good web-based typing test yesterday! Thx!

18 June, 2006 09:43  

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