Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Recreational Explosives Day!

I got up...at 5 a.m.

See, I finally kicked my three-day headache last night (the neti pot helped a lot, as I'd suspected it would) -- but I know that even when I kick it at night, I often wake up with it again. So this morning when I woke up for my customary "worrying and tossing and turning time", I realized that my neck wasn't sore yet, and probably would be by the time the alarm went off, so I figured I'd just give up and get up now. Gives me homework time, which I desperately need. And since it's a holiday, I can nap later, when the baby naps. So all's good. But it's yet another reason I can't wait for this Friday -- it's getting so that I'm afraid to sleep, and wake up splayed out with my face in the pillow and a(nother) thundering headache. Eeeew.

Anyway, on a MUCH more VITAL note, here's the picture of my Ultra Ugly Chrome Timer:

...Less-than-artfully surrounded by my typical "desk items" -- weird Oriental tea mug (/me is a horrid Far East junkie), my Sandman postcards that I flip through at the times when most people take Valium (ditto a horrid Gaiman junkie), and my wasabi peas (yup, you guessed it--junkie). And, um, I think you can also see the cover of my pocket copy of "The Art of Worldly Wisdom" by Balthasar Gracian. Hey, gimme a break -- philosophy major, right? Right.

Off to homework. Nice holiday, ya'll. -PD


Blogger araziel said...

Hehe, wasabi peas? Never heard of those before. I'm currently using my mobile phone. I set up my calendar to warn me 5 minutes before a nap is about to start, and wake me 20 minutes later. I think I'll probably need to change the ringtone I use now and again to avoid getting accustomed to it. If it doesn't work I'll just get some real noisy eggtimer or something :P

05 July, 2006 23:37  

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