Sunday, June 11, 2006

I'm not dead!

...Just unbearably busy. I look at my "Holy Shit Keep Busy List" and it's kind of funny...seems from this vantange that I'll need all that extra time just to keep up with what I'm doing now. Yikes.

This is all going to start end of June / beginning of July, pretty much as I'd hoped -- honestly, I can't wait -- but I'm having to work around a medical thing now that they say will seriously sap my energy for a couple days, and just so happens to HAVE to happen right in the middle of when I wanted to start. *sigh* I usually recover from things with sub-superhuman but nonetheless impressive speed, however, so I'm assuming I won't have to move my start time.

I need to get back in touch with the sleep clinic and, if they're going to blow me off, start looking elsewhere and/or determining some test for myself, asap.

And I need to set up my main site again, at -- it was down w/ hosting troubles for a while -- and reorganize it so that some of the Uberman stuff has a place there. And I'm going to stop thinking about things I need to do now, before I give myself a panic attack. ;)

Oo, and I still don't have a timer, dammit. *grr*



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