Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Written in the time it takes tea-water to heat up

Two more days. The lopsided skepticism of my family and co-workers (who never saw the original experiment, so still, I think, suspect that I made it up, heh) is nicely counterbalanced by the flat, solid, nigh-giant-robot-like belief of my wonderful dreadlocked husband that I will just stomp this flat and pull it off with no more hitches than a Gundam squashing a modest three-bedroom ranch.

Well, we'll find out soon, won't we? In the good news, I found (thanks to the same lovely dreadhead) another, even better-looking all-night cafe to hang out in. In the bad, I'm doing an Ubermanly amount of work here without the benefit of the extra time--it's a miracle I'm posting, but what's five minutes, right?--school is BRUTAL and I just got invited to prepare a 15-minute presentation for a conference in NY, too much work to do and too much of an honor to pass it up ("speak at this conference" is not your usual undergrad fodder, I'm to understand...and the conference sounds marvelous itself; I'd have been happy just to *go*)...and in more good news, my henna came, so that's several hours of mucking-about to do this weekend at night, and in more bad news, the Headache From Hell is coming back on and off, from mild to mindcracking, and I reeeeeeally need it to leave me alone before this weekend!

And that's that, in a nutshell. More, and hopefully more coherent, later...



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