Sunday, July 09, 2006

What do you *mean*, I'm HUMAN?!

Ooookay. So the Almighty Me, when miserably sleep-deprived, can in fact fall asleep on the couch reading and sleep right through the timer (set just-in-case because, I think, I knew reading on the couch was a bad idea).

I think I passed out about 5 a.m, and woke up exactly at 9:00. EXPLETIVE, expletive expletive. WOW did I not need that, what with work tomorrow and all the schoolwork that's due today...crap crap CRAP.

BUT. I had to slap myself around a little to remember this, but I guess I am, ahem, human. The last transition was not without a mistake or two here and there either, and I still pulled it off (cold comfort facing down tonight, but still).

What have we learned? Ahem:
  • Backup alarms are NECESSARY when one is really, really bushed
  • Must devise a better way of eating up time when too tired to function ...
I felt awful last night, as one does, typically, and found that I couldn't make myself do just about anything. I staved off the screwup for an hour by walking around outside, but just felt too bushed to keep doing that. Baby was sleeping, so couldn't turn a movie up loud. Couldn't focus or concentrate enough to do homework. Tried sitting in the middle of the floor, painting and watching TV, but as some of you will know, anything that involves being still means you can't stop thinking about falling over and falling asleep. Eventually I laid on the couch a minute to watch the movie (setting the timer for 20 minutes just in case, because an extra 20 minute nap doesn't screw you up nearly as much as actually oversleeping does, as Steve Pavlina discussed), but I didn't fall asleep at all, and thought (with the typically impaired processes of someone in the throes of sleep-dep), Hey, this is cool, I can stay on the couch! I'll get my book... Yeah. If I ever even opened the book, I don't remember doing it. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So, I have to run and get the baby up now, and send her off on her weekly Grandma Field Trip, hopefully before the 10 a.m. nap. I'm still tired, but a shower and some Pilates ought to get me going again, and then WOW do I have a ton of homework to do. It's probably a good thing that I have to do it today rather than tomorrow, though...the forecast for tomorrow just got upped to "Damn sleepy"!

(I keep trying to comfort myself with things like, "Hey, look at it this way; people wouldn't take the experiment nearly as seriously if I didn't screw up at all..." ...But it isn't really working. I'm quite disappointed in myself. Tonight, BEFORE I get butt-tired, I think I'll set up the garage for cleaning...I talked myself out of doing that last night because it wasn't "set up" (basically a lamp out there) yet.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doxy, don't feel bad. Sleepdep is messing with your dopamine (and other neurotransmitter) levels ~ so your brain's feelgood chems are at an all-time low.

Other thing I found is that the transition can produce fairly intense adrenal stresses. I compensated with a high dosage of sodium ascorbate (two parts ascorbic acid powder to one part baking soda) ~ otherwise known as pH balanced Vitamin C. Adrenals are huge consumers of C. 2 grams three times per day, minimum.

hope it helps!


p.s.: here are the links I sent earlier (I see the comment didn't publish) ~ (March 25 show particularly recommended).


09 July, 2006 10:24  
Blogger PureDoxyk said...

Hmm, multivitamins seem to be something I've forgotten to add to what I should obviously be doing. Thanks for the reminder; I'll go get some today (I ran out last month, heh).

Yes indeed...when it gets bad, sleep-dep is not something you can just ignore. Lesson learned -- I will do better tonight.

Thanks for all the encouragement (and sorry about the other comment; it must have gotten eaten, or hasn't come through to me yet).


09 July, 2006 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you overslept,
I overslept.


09 July, 2006 11:24  
Blogger PureDoxyk said...

Ah-HA! So it's YOUR fault!!



09 July, 2006 11:25  
Anonymous John said...

Hey Doxy-

I'm gratified to know you're human, too. You inspired me to get on the full uberman schedule, and I started a few days before you. I'm finally on my first day without an oversleep, and I think I may be getting over the hump. I hope so. The last several days have been really tough.

Hope it gets easier for you soon.

09 July, 2006 12:10  
Anonymous Kirk said...

Don't get too overconfident John. If my experience is any example, the minute you start thinking you've got everything under control and it's smooth sailing, then you let your guard down and do something stupid like sleep for 5 hours. One can never stop being a Natzi about the schedule! (to continue the metaphorical theme ;-)

09 July, 2006 22:15  

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