Sunday, July 23, 2006

Aftermath / End of Day 6

Well, oversleeping this morning didn't throw me off the schedule, or kick me into crash-mode. I slept fine all day, even at 9:00 and in spite of some scheduling weirdness during the afternoon.

I've been tired, but mostly just tired like I would be on a monophasic schedule if I missed some sleep, say only got 5 or 6 hours. I'm more tired than that now, but it's 1:13, and I usually get sleepy between 1-2. It's not actually too difficult to deal with though; I wind down for my core by reading or watching tv for half an hour, which is pleasant and I fall asleep lightning fast.

Everyman does give you one thing I really wanted out of Uberman this time, too: The ability to "stay up late" and "get up early", both. I like nights *and* mornings, and I always hate missing one to hang out in the other!

Good luck tonight to all the people I've talked to today who are starting new, or bullying through one of the dreaded Rough Patches. Hang in there, ya'll. Who's in charge, you or your meat? You can do it!



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