Saturday, July 22, 2006

...And so will Day 6

So, time to find out how easy/hard it is to recover from an oversleep on Everyman. This will be my first one.

I didn't *have* to oversleep. But I was upset over family crap and couldn't sleep for my 10:00, and it's Saturday, so I talked myself into going to bed at 1 and sleeping until 7 (though I could have gotten up at 5, actually; I just felt like being lazy).

So now we get to learn what the payment on such practices is. I'm a bit groggy now, but nothing terrible; I'm stying away from coffee or showers so that I can get my 9:00 in, hopefully. Will report on the rest.

It is pretty funny to sleep until 7 on a Saturday and subsequently beat yourself up for being so lazy. ;)



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