Thursday, July 20, 2006

An excuse to insult me

Here, I'll post during my most tired time -- the hour before my core -- and let you all tell me if I'm acting dangerously wonky or somesuch. lying, please.

So this is Day 4. I was tired waking from every nap; I slept for all of them, though not always soundly, and work made me 1/2 hour late for my afternoon (2:00) nap. Had a minor but significant bout of blurry/unfocused vision on the drive to work.

I'll be honest; I'm plagued with worries about how to tell if this isn't going to work before I screw up some major obgliation due to sleep-dep...keep in mind, this is Everyman Day 4, but I've been sleep-deprived for, um, twelve days now. Thirteen? No, twelve I think. It gets old. Savvy?

And if it doesn't work, what then? Give up? Try Uberman again? I have no idea. But I also try not to think about it (I fail more when I'm tired), yet. I'm pulling for Everyman; I have loads of blind faith, of pure unsubstantiated knowledge, that it'll work.

And with that, it's time to wind down and get ready for Day 5.



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