Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Everyman Day 3, Gay Moslems & Naked Fozzy. Word up!

During my 3-hour core last night (and I do love the cores; they feel wonderful, though it remains to be seen how they actually work out), I had a dream. I only remember that I was organizing a controversial event called "Brokeback Moselm" and it was very stressful. When my alarm went off at five, I sat up, said something about this being Palestinian time, and reset it. Which could have been a disaster, but then I opened my eyes fifteen minutes later, feeling more awake than I have in the morning yet.

w0rd. And weird. Actually, for me that's not a particularly weird dream -- I have Boss Weird dreams. Seriously.

Anyway, it's almost time for my 9:00, which I'm glad I moved up -- I'm going to second Steve Pavlina (again) and say that moving naps so that they're a bit closer together when you're tired, and wider apart when you're awake (instead of 2-5, 10, 2, I do 2-5, 9, 2 and feel much better). Of course, consistency counts, especially in the first month. The percentage of people I talk to who fail for lack of consistency is HUGE, and getting bigger all the time.

If this Everyman thing works out, I'll revamp my sagely advice (mm, smells like pasta) to read, "If you can't stay consistent on the schedule you picked, change it to one you CAN be consistent with". Because if you're not being consistent about your sleeping times and durations, you're not going to adapt and form the habits you need to stop feeling sleepy. Everyman may mean 3-4 hours of sleep daily versus Uberman's 2, but if you can't stick to Uberman, you're only going to end up back at the drawing board anyway...and suchness and so forth.

I just got this CRAZY urge to see the Muppets rendition of The Emperor's New Clothes. Wow. It must be naptime.



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