Saturday, July 15, 2006

Close call / New Resolution

Wow, I feel like a ship that's still dripping from a nasty, freaky storm.

Last night was just icky. I was worried at the time that I might be sick or something because of how bad I felt, but looking back, yeah, that's just "really nasty sleep-dep". However, to have RNSD on day 8 is quite counter to what I think I know about this schedule, and definitely counter to how it went last time. I'd think that it was just me having a bad memory, except that Steve Pavlina, whom so many uberwannabes look to now for an example, seems to bear it out: His Day 7 post shows it clearly, that by then he was having no tiredness except for a bit at night. He says that perhaps being a vegan helped him (no offense, but I've found that people on a special diet always seem to think it gives them advantages everywhere..."See, I tied my shoes faster because I'm a vegetarian...") -- but his report is pretty much exactly what I remember from last time, and I've never been a vegan and never will be, since (if you care) I have abnormally iron-rich blood and would have to take tons of supplements to keep from feeling anemic if I didn't eat at least a little meat every day. (I also eat lots of broccoli, which helps too...and I loooove broccoli!)

Anyway, enough digression. Perhaps it was my daily few-minutes-here, few-minutes-there oversleeps that were keeping me from adjusting; I certainly intend to find out, and have cut them out completely--none for over 24 hours now--so we'll see. It's possible that during the adjustment period, every minute counts, and keeping that in mind without someone to bug me about it was certainly harder this time.

I had been thinking maybe about allowing an "indulgence" of a couple hours on Saturday mornings, per my last post; thankfully yesterday was Friday, so I had a palatable solution to that awful sleep dep and I took it. I slept from exactly 6 a.m. to 10 (I had the alarm set for 10:20, but woke up just before 10 and decided to run with that). Now I feel functional again, though not terribly alert. I do wish I hadn't had to mess with things until at least the first month was over, but I figure, obviously I wasn't adjusting well anyway, so if this little "reset" throws me back a day or so, oh well. My biggest concern now is, will I be able to drive on Monday morning? I absolutely can't avoid it, so if I can't get some clear-headedness in the mornings pretty soon, I may be in trouble.

I'm going to have to cross my fingers and do *perfectly* this weekend. So I will -- I really want this to work, darnit.



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