Monday, July 10, 2006

Ah yes, now THIS is familiar...

Stanford Sleepiness Scale: 5 (very foggy, unfocused).
Emotional State: 7 (guarded but high)
Physical State: 8 (feeling generally fine; no pains or problems)

I'm at work (I made it!) so this won't be long. But...I did it! A night of flawless nappage was done. It wasn't easy, but it acutally wasn't horrible either; I remembered enough tricks to keep me sane and from feeling downright sick with exhaustion. Something physical to do upon waking up is muy helpful, and the backup alarm at the 6 a.m. nap was probably a good idea too. I had enough planned that I could focus on doing one thing and plotting the details of the other. Ferinstance, I was quite wiped during my post-garage-cleaning shower, but I distracted myself by pondering what I would eat when I got done. Yes, my brain is that impaired at the moment. I expect to start feeling better tomorrow, though.

Speaking of impairment, driving here this morning was a bit scary! I've been quite thrashed since my 6:00 nap, and driving was less than easy. For others doing this, you might want to not plan to operate any heavy machinery on days 2 or 3. Thank goodness the extra time meant that I got to beat rush-hour on the way here. ;)

I took another typing test last night, just to see how much I'm impaired physically...yeah, I'm down by about 20 WPM. Not to shocking, there.

Other side effects besides serious grogginess: Sore feet, from doing all that physical stuff! And, oddly enough, bladder urgency...when I had to go last night, I had to *go*. I have been drinking a lot too, though. Besides that, I seem to be doing fine.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh ~ Bladder urgency due to higher water intake will resolve itself. The bladder "expands to meet demands," and in about 7 to 10 days [sound familiar?] it adapts.

More water = happy hydrated Doxy = GOOD!


12 July, 2006 07:16  

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