Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 3: So far, so good

Rollerblading at midnight is awesome.

All the sidestreets are empty -- right down the middle of the road for almost an hour and only two cars to contend with. Beautiful weather; perfect breeze. Can't call that a waste of time!

Someone mentioned to me that sleep is their escape from being bored. That's definitely a challenge of the adjusting period -- staying busy so you can't focus on being sleepy. But I totally don't mind being "bored" usually, or rather I have such a huge arsenal of defenses against it that it rarely sinks in. Quiet time to read, type, think, draw, paint, scheme, plot, etc. is all good by me. Unfortunately, one has to acclimate *first*, enjoy quiet time second. Grr.

Oh well, so far so good today -- no more booboos, though of course I haven't slept well in naps yet; but that's normal. In fact, the tearingly aggravating sensation of laying perfectly still for 20 minutes and not sleeping was rather comforting, like a familiar difficult meditation. I sense that I'll sleep for this one, though. ;)

The formidable 2-6 block hovers horizionishly. I've got garage cleaning set up, laundry and cleaning to do, and more homework that I may or may not be able to hack doing. In any case, no reading, heh.



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