Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dumber than a Brick, or just the Will of Fate?

In retrospect, I feel like *such* an idiot.

After having a good day yesterday, I wasn't prepared to crash out during my core last night, and I slept right through my alarm (didn't set a backup). Slept for six hours -- yikes. Ruined any chance of getting my 9 a.m. nap, either; I didn't even bother trying.

I know what's in store for me now -- almost a full readjustment, probably at least 3-4 days of being tired again, and just as I was really starting to get the hang of it, too. I just so expected the result of my oversleeping a bit to manifest itself during the next couple naps (as it does with Uberman, generally), that when they went by without incident, I thought I was in the clear. D'OH.

Aggravating to lose that time, when this is Hell Week with school and I don't have it to lose; and aggravating to have to go backwards when I was right on the brink of seeing what really adapting to Everyman was like. However, no silverliningless cloud and whatnot, it is true that I would have had to oversleep at some point, in order to be able to report the results in the book. And at least I know that readjusting, while not fun, won't ruin me this week; I expect it to be less uncomfortable, but maybe take longer, than an Uberman readjust (which takes 24-48 hours for a fully-adapted person, IIRC).

Some notes on the book - Obviously I haven't made any real progress on it, but I hadn't planned to until this godsawful semester was over. However, I had thought I'd be limiting my study to Uberman alone, and obviously that has changed. I had thought I would title it Uberman:ZZZ (it was gonna look really neat in the layout, a big silver "Uberman" with three chunky black Z's behind it) -- but that doesn't seem appropriate now. I'm leaning towards "Polyphasic Revolution", since, yes, the more I learn about this, the more I lean towards the evangelical (much as the word makes me shudder--talk about negative connotations). But ideas are welcome, if anybody likes that sort of thing. (If nobody does, no biggie, since *I* like it. ;)

Well, I'm sure I won't be tired today, so I'd better use it to the best of my ability and bash out good chunks of these papers, since I bet I'm *wasted* tomorrow. Le sigh. Live and learn, I guess.



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