Friday, July 14, 2006

Week One Roundup: Notes on Emergency Napping, Snoozebarring, and R&R periods.

Okay, a minor *yay* for making it through week one with no major scarring. Last night went well, no major oversleeping for the 3rd day straight, though I did succumb to the snooze button again; I also took a mid-cycle "emergency nap" at midnight, due to being so tired from my daytime naps getting messed with that I knew I couldn't last until 2. The emergency nap did help a bit and I was able to stay on schedule the rest of the night. (I say, if you have to take an emergency nap, do; it's better than oversleeping; BUT, be warned -- take it right in the middle of a cycle, and only there. You don't want it messing up another nap!)

Mentally I'm still a bit slow, and physically still uncoordinated, both of which are aggravated right before and right after sleep. This morning I walked out of the house and stuck my key in the lock of my neighbor's car. ;) I still feel like I can do everything I used to; it's just a tad harder and takes a little longer like this. I'm not constantly tired or anything, but when I am tired, it's like the Granddaddy Long-Legs of tiredness; I can't stop thinking about sleep and doing everything possible to get some. It's a surmountable feeling, but not a pleasant one.

I woke up *before my timer went off* this morning (6:00), which is a first (for nighttime), though because of an episode I had yesterday where I unexpectedly lost some time, at first I thought I'd overslept and ruined everything -- and then I noticed that my timer was still going! Well, I was cozy and so what do you think I did; when the timer went off I congratulated myself for being so punctual and then *reset it for ten more minutes*. I distinctly remember that I didn't feel drowsy when I woke on my own, but after that extra ten minutes, I was so wasted tired that I genuinely scared myself a couple times driving to work. Could it be that my stupid snooze-bar problem (which is much more of an issue at 6 a.m. than in other places) is the cause of my morning trashedness? I guess this week, I'll find out. I am less trashed, now that I've stopped driving, than I have been over the past couple days at this time.

Other than how shredded I was last night about 11:00, staying up during the night has become much easier the last couple days; I haven't even had to go out in order to stave off the drowsies for the most part. I seem to be getting trained again to wake up after 20 minutes, though it's sloppy, and again, I think I'm going to blame my habit of snooze-barring once or twice a day on that. Baaaaad, snoozebar. No more snoozebar. (Or resetting the timer or, my personal favorite, bugging my husband to please be a dear and wake me back up in ten -- I have no recollection of having the conversation, but he swears I did it.)

Thinking more on that, I think part of the reason I do it is that I miss being able to snuggle into bed and chill for a bit, which in recent years has been a common stress-reliever for me. And I'm a big believer in stress-relievers--shutup, I didn't mean for that to rhyme. Seriously, though; my father and I are both Type A crazy work-till-death types, and watching his example has taught me that one should make damn sure to keep at least one strictly-chilling activity in place at all times. In my present situation, sleeping in on Saturdays was pretty much what I had, and there's a good part of me that's pissed about having to give it up.

Would the schedule bear, I wonder, scheduling in a "chillin' sleep" once a week, say from 2-6 or 6-10 a.m. on Saturdays? I wouldn't dream of making it random, or of less than determinite length, or any of that; but I also think that I'd have a better time with my snoozebar problem and overall mental view of this if I knew that I'd still get to snuggle and chill once a week.



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