Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 6: Significantly Easier

So, here I am with only 2 naps to go of "Day 6", and last night was a pleasant surprise indeed. That headache made me decide not to take my usual trip to the cafe--I just wasn't up for driving, even after I'd pretty much killed the actual headache--so I figured, well, I'm going to bite the bullet and stay home all night. And I did. I didn't even take a walk or rollerblade; my neck gets so sore after those sinus episodes that I wince like an old lady when I even have to walk across the room. Still, I was really worried about it being a hellish struggle of a night, a real naked trip through Mordor, and about messing up when I've done well for the last couple days and would rather stick with that, thanks.

Well, I'll be darned if it wasn't twice as easy as the night before had been. I was able to read most of the night, taking breaks when I got woozy to do menial things like shower or clean a little, and I even got a solid chunk of homework done between 2-6, when I would have least expected it. I wasn't more than "moderately" tired until I woke up from my 6:00 (still have to figure out why I'm so doggedly drowsy then). My headache started to come back at 3:00, so I made a snap decision to try taking an extra nap at four, and that was quite pleasant and actually did help get rid of the headache. (Funnily enough, I sat straight up and whipped my eye-cover off ten minutes into the 4:00 nap, convinced that because I'd slept so well, I must have overslept.) But even the extra nap didn't help the 6:00 problem, though I should point out that I was only about 60% as drowsy this morning as I was yesterday, which was about 60% as much as the day before; so likely I just have to be patient (and persistent).

Oh, and my "couple cups of half caff" turned out to be about 1 cup total, over the whole night; I was all set to indulge but then that's all I wanted! No negative sleep impact; I've been passing out quickly and sleeping like a brick for the last 2 days straight now (which, tellingly, is also how long I've been without oversleeping or mistiming a nap).

More later then,


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