Monday, July 10, 2006

A Musings

Wow, I'm already having trouble with keeping track of days--? That was quick.

Standing here, nearly 10, approaching the second nap of Day 4, it doesn't really feel real, but it's too pervasive to feel unreal. The sun is just down; work is just good and over; the next Night is about to begin. Night One was easy; didn't really count. Night Two I goofed up a little. Night Three was hard, but I had it meticulously planned and lots of activities and also a surprise bonus phone call with a good friend right when I needed it.

Today I was definitely functional, managed to commute and work and commute again and do a good job with some tricky situations (there's lots in my job) and get some critical homework done. But I slept hard and half-in, half-out a lot and woke up groggy, and stayed groggy for about an hour after each nap. But then, I might be imagining it, yet it seems that it gets a little easier with each successive one. Just a tiny little.

One thing that is damn brain definitely remembers the 20-minute naps, or their length if nothing else. I've been setting my timer for 23 minutes, to give time to settle and scratch an itch or something before the countdown begins in earnest; and for both my daytime naps today, I opened my eyes, wide awake and panicked about whether I'd slept in, when there was still two and a half minutes on the timer. (Then I got groggy. Go figure.)

Funny stuff, the brain; grey Jello with such personality.'s naptime...the day/night face of the clock has turned. Welcome to Night Four.



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