Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Waking up seems to be hardest, physically speaking, after the 6:00 a.m. nap. The way my day is planned out, I get up, get ready and go pretty much straight to work, so I do get up (I *can't* be late at my job, and that panic is a fantastic motivator). But I'm stumbly and fumbly and all kinds of not-focused, which has already resulted in a few annoying incidents of forgetfulness and/or clumsiness. And, I'll admit it, I do worry about driving this way, even though, blessedly, moving my day up an hour avoids the morning traffic rush. But then I get to work and I'm pretty much a dead rag until after 9:00 (after my 10:00 nap I perk right up).

But this is, what, day 6? No, day 6 starts at 6 tonight, I think. So this is still day 5. And though I didn't screw up 5, I haven't done a perfect job either. So more than likely, this is one of those hang-in-there things. *sigh* I hate those.

I suppose I'm right on schedule, though, when you think about it -- I started feeling lots better yesterday (day 4), and last night I had my first I-can't-believe-it's-not-torture night -- staying up was work, but not 3v1l. Oh, and if you ever want a movie you *can't* sleep to, try The Crucible. Yiiiikes. (The book is better, of course, but reading...)

In other news, I went to the chriopractor yesterday and got a bit of a physical, just to be sure. He said I appeared to be just fine, and my blood pressure was "excellent". To which I turned to him and shrieked, "I'M NOT DEAD!"

I like to keep people on their toes. 'Specially when I forgot mine in my other pants.



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