Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Everyman Morning 9 - Undersleeping? Okay...

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Well, that was interesting. Went to bed on time, but darn tired as missing that 10:00 tends to do; was very careful to set up the alarm so I thought I couldn't miss it. Actually, I laid down at 1:30 with a book, figuring that after missing a nap, getting a few extra Z's wouldn't kill me. I don't know when I passed out exactly, but I woke up once at 2:15 when the book fell on my face or something.

Sleep, gorgeous sleep--like pizza, it's SO much more appreciable when you're not overdoing it. Then, next thing I remember, I'm standing in the middle of the room, blinking my eyes and looking around, vaguely pissed off because there's no alarm going off so I figure I must have overslept. Gah dangit!

I go pee. This rouses me enough so that when I come back to my area, I actually can read the clock and comprehend it. It says...3:00. I woke up, for whatever reason, after not quite an hour. And by the time I realized this, I was feeling pretty awake, and kind of shocked that I could--nay, must--go back to bed.

I didn't oversleep that time either; the alarm bounced me right up at five. I have to admit, having a downright silly amount of time to get ready for work is kind of pleasant...I just took a leisurely shower and sat on the back porch a while, and I still have plenty of time to eat breakfast. Neato.

Thus begins day 9. I'm a little groggy now, no differently than I usually am when getting up for work after a full night's snoz. Not worried about driving or anything, though.



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