Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Goodbye Cruel World!

Okay, this be it -- No more Blogger posts. Why? Well, I tried out Blogger on a whim, and it was worth about that -- a whim. I have a domain at, and decided after futzing with this teenager-worthy interface for a while that it was worth it to upgrade to something more flexible. Anyway, I have lots of other ambitions, projects and blatherings, and it'll be nice to keep them all in one place. (They're categorized, so you can always just click "polyphasic" if all you want to read about is the sleep stuff.)

Lately I've been powering through setbacks, something Everyman seems well-suited to, finishing up my adjustment and squeezing out some research in the cracks (much more research is forthcoming, once finals are over for this semester!). I think I've got an interesting lead on the "structure" of polyphasic schedules, which might give us a good hint about how to successfully modify them. More on that soon.

Thanks to everyone who read this blog; please do hop over to and leave your thoughts! The comment interface is much friendlier, I think, plus the new site does a really nice RSS feed if that makes things easier for ya.

Ta, and happy 20-minute dreams!



Blogger kylecarpenter said...

What's cruel is I haven't been able to sleep. Yesterday wen't over to this awesome site and had a look see. Wow, nice, check it out.

feeling better, chow!

30 April, 2009 20:49  

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