Friday, November 10, 2006

Update / More info for Uberseekers

Hey peeps! I am still updating my new blog at daily, so fly over there if you want the latest, the greatest, and the grittiest.

However, if you're just landing here, you should know that I'm not doing the Uberman schedule this time - it turns out that, in fact, mommin' and workin' and livin' in a crowded house DOES actually pretty much nix your chances with Uberman. (The answer to that question was the subject of my latest sleep experiment, which is described in detail on the rest of this blog.)

Uberman is just a very, very strict schedule and if your life is going to mess with your naps at all, then no amount of badass (at least no amount that I was able to muster) is going to make it work. I kept getting "almost there" and then having something knock me off schedule, and after re-adjusting a couple times, man, that'll do anybody in.

I decided to experiement with the core-nap schedules rather than give up, since I hadn't seen any really good research on what those were like and if they could work in the long term. Now I'm approaching four months on "Everyman" with good results. All the details on that are on my current blog.

Here are some more places to look if you're seeking info about Uberman or polyphasic sleep in general:

The biggest one is the Yahoo! "Uberman" group. There's always several people actively going through adaptation on the group, usually quite a few different sleep schedules represented (though mostly Uberman / Dymaxion), and a great list of resources plus phenomenal archives. Highly recommended.

Also, if you're interested in a great blow-by-blow of a successful Uberman adaptation, I highly recommend Steve Pavlina's. He did Uberman for as long as I did, but he actually kept good records. Yay!

I've also been notified of a new forum for Ubersleepers at It's *very* new, so I can't comment about the content, but the site looks to be good quality at least.

You can email me with any other resources you want listed here: puredoxyk at puredoxyk dot com.

Happy napping!


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